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Dr. Richard Crowley


Think you may have “the yips”, or do you coach or train athletes who can be affected by this problem like Major League Baseball’s Chuck Knoblauch, Mackey Sasser, Steve Blass, Mark Wohlers, Steve Sax, Rick Ankiel, and outfielder Shawn Green.


Then you’ll need to visit this page often for advice on how to identify this leading cause of erratic and seemingly inexplicable sports disabilities. Shawn Green risked losing his entire promising career had it not been for the six hours spent with sports psychologist Dr. Richard Crowley.


Others, like Chuck Knoblauch, catcher Mackey Sasser and Steve Blass lost years off their careers because of the yips.


Steve Sax had a better outcome with his battle against his invisible opponent when he had the chance to work with Dr. Crowley in 1983. Sax quickly overcame his errant throwing problems to first base and his career continued for many years with less anxiety.


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Dr. Richard “Yips” Crowley can cure the baseball “yips” and reconnect your mental game and mental toughness in about two hours over the telephone. Click here to see if you have the yips!

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