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- Dr. Richard Crowley

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Finally, A Proven Cure For The Yips

You’re at the right place to get the much needed professional help to end the Yips!

I'm Dr. Richard Crowley, a sports psychologist, author of Mentalball and originator of the cure for the “Yips” dating back to 1983 when my work benefited Dodgers Steve Sax’ out of control throwing problems to first base.             See Dr.Crowley’s Credentials

I have helped over 5000 players permanently get over different degrees of “disconnects” and various forms of Yips-like struggles that show up in their throwing and hitting with my patent pending approach.

All the work I do takes place over the phone.

               See Video and Written Testimonials

Hall of Fame Coach Bob Bennett’s insights on Dr. Crowley’s unique approach to players’ performance.

Not Just For Ballplayers

In addition to baseball and softball players, my patent pending approach benefits golfers (including “belly” putters), tennis players, triathletes, archers, swimmers, ultimate fighters, football placekickers, etc.                             See Some of These Athletes’ Videos

Are You Ready To Get Over the Yips Now?

Take your first step overcoming any degree of the Yips like disconnect by completing the Yips Baseball Survey. Every upsetting issue you have been struggling with is spelled out in this survey. You will definitely see yourself in it. Upon receiving it, I will respond to you right away.

Very soon you’ll be happy playing without thinking and having fun again!

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Yips Baseball Survey

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Dr. Crowley’s Credentials & Personal Video

Yips Not Just For Ballplayers

Collegiate Baseball Article

Want to Know if What You Have is the Yips or Mechanics?

Most coaches, parents and ball players can’t tell the difference between frustrating throwing and hitting problems being triggered from the Yips like disconnects or if it’s mechanics that need more work. I have come up with three questions to ask yourself, or your son or daughter, to tell the difference.

 See the three questions.

High School player clarifies differences between disconnects and mechanics.

A Proven Cure For The Yips The Yips Baseball Survey Not Just For Ballplayers Get Dr. Crowley's Book, MentalBall About Dr. Crowley's Credentials Collegiate Baseball Article Yips Cured Blog

A college pitcher shares how he overcame his personal struggles.

Contact Information

E-mail me at or call me at 805-868-3800. I look forward to answering any questions you or your parents may have. Add to your address book

Thank you,

Dr. Richard Crowley

Former MLB right handed pitcher Steve Blass is current broadcast announcer for the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Former MLB right fielder Shawn Green was a 1st round draft pick and two time major league All Star.



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