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Some of Major League Baseball’s classic players who had throwing problems with yips orchestrated by their invisible opponent were Chuck Knoblauch, Mackey Sasser, Steve Blass, Mark Wohlers, Steve Sax, Rick Ankiel, and even outfielder Shawn Green.


Shawn Green had a prolonged hitting slump caused by the yips with the Dodgers that ended imediately in his very first game after his fist first session over the phone with sports psychologist Dr. Richard Crowley.


Chuck Knoblauch’s throwing problem yips of took him down and completely out of baseball like catcher Mackey Sasser’s double pumping yips and Steve Blass’ wild pitches and inability to find the strike zone (that ended his career in 1974).


Steve Blass and the Yips Doc, Dr. Richard Crowley, worked together on his wild pitches in 1998 for one hour and he went to the mound and immediately threw his first strike in quarter of a century. Blass later pitched an entire game at Pirates Fantasy Camp without a wild pitch!


Wohlers fell from grace mightily with one wild pitch after another, yet made a miraculous comeback in 1999 when the Cincinnati Reds flew Dr. Crowley to camp to work with wohlers. After only three hours, Wohlers wild pitches were replaced with strikes.


Steve Sax and Dr. Crowley worked together in 1983 and Sax quickly overcame his errant throwing problems to first base. Steve Sax’ career continued for many years with less anxiety.


Rick Ankeil, diagnosed with Steve Blass disease, not only threw wild pitch after wild pitch too but could not come close to the mound with having severe anxiety. Ankeil’s yips throwing problems as a pitcher disappeared once he was made an outfielder.


Dr. Richard “Yips” Crowley can cure the baseball “yips” and reconnect your mental game and mental toughness in about two hours over the telephone. Click here to see if you have the yips!

Phone: 805-868-3800

Dr. Crowley’s book, Mentalball shows case examples of 45 ballplayers destroying the yips and returning them back to having fun playing baseball again.

The Cure for the Yips

from the “Yips Doc”



Baseball players know what to do in every moment, until the yips of fear and anxiety appear from the middle of nowhere. Then ballplayers’ overloaded, logical minds prevent them from ready access to a smooth, fluid, response in throwing the ball without thinking. Baseball yips filter baseball and softball players’ thoughts with worry and fear that makes them throw wild pitches and spike and airmail balls.

Being free of baseball yips throwing problems allows you to make actual choices and “be in the moment”, both of which baseball yips prevent. Sports experts do not have a proven and documented method how to get you over the yips. The “Yips Doc” does. The Yips Doc, Dr. Richard Crowley, shows you how to destroy the yips in about two hours, which quickly returns you to your confidence, mental game and mental toughness. Read the testimonials and see the 12 videos taken from his presentation at the American Baseball Coaches Association’s convention.


Dr. Crowley has successfully obliterated the baseball yips in more than 2000 baseball and softball players beginning in 1983 when his approach benefited the errant throwing problems of LA Dodgers Steve Sax. When the baseball yips controlling your throwing problems are destroyed once and for all by the Yips Doc’s Mentalball approach, then feelings of anxiety, pressure, need to be perfect, and concerns of others completely disappear. Baseball Article Continued

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